Bright Line Eating: 1 year follow up. Learn all about my success after not eating sugar or flour for 1 year! #brightlineeating #brightlinebites #nosguar #noflour #keto #weightloss

This is a follow up post after 1 year of following the food plan Bright Line Eating. To learn more about the program and my success in the first 6 months, read this post first!

A year ago today, I took a leap of faith and started a program called Bright Line Eating. I was scared that it was going to have the same outcome as the other um-teen weight loss programs I had tried over the years.

Temporary success. Disordered eating. Putting the weight back on.

But I jumped right in, because something told me that this program might be completely different from anything I ever tried.

And it was.

For the past year, I have not eaten flour or sugar. I have eaten three meals per day without snacking. I have weighed and measured my food. I have trusted that my food is enough.

Bright Line Eating has been the biggest gift I’ve ever given myself.

Every single day has not been perfect, but I can honestly say that I know what it feels like to be free from that food monster. Not everyone knows him, but I know him well.

It’s compulsively eating even when your brain is telling you to stop stop stop. It’s that urge for something sweet or crunchy because it’s 3pm or you’re at the movies or it’s warm outside. It’s running your life based on when and what your next meal is going to be.

I’ve said before that this will all sound silly to people who don’t have food issues or over-eating tendencies. I get that you exist, and I’m always perplexed when I’m in your company (no offense).

So anyway, it’s now two days before my 32nd birthday, and I can honestly say that the last time I was this weight was when I was 15 years old. More than half my life ago.

Every year since I can remember, my birthday wish has been to lose weight. My New Year’s Resolutions have been to lose weight.

My resolution for 2018 was different. And actually I didn’t do a resolution officially. I chose a word. Freedom. I knew that I was going to lose the rest of the weight in 2018. For the first time, it was not a far fetched wish.


What a word. As I approach the last 10 lbs until my goal weight, I feel lighter. Not just physically, but emotionally. I don’t cry when I try on clothes any more. I see photos of myself and I don’t cringe.

If you are in that dark place, please know that there’s a way out. I’d love you to be my personal guest in the Bright Line Eating boot camp — There are benefits to you from being referred by a friend and I’d love to tell you more about it! Send me an email here and I will tell you more.

Progress Photos

Before Bright Line Eating

Bright Line Eating: 1 year follow up. Learn all about my success after not eating sugar or flour for 1 year! #brightlineeating #brightlinebites #nosguar #noflour #keto #weightloss

Top row (left-right): August 2017 immediately before starting Bright Line Eating; August 2016

Bottom row (left-right): July 2016, June 2016, April 2016 (pregnant with twins)

During Bright Line Eating (1 year)

Bright Line Eating: 1 year follow up. Learn all about my success after not eating sugar or flour for 1 year! #brightlineeating #brightlinebites #nosguar #noflour #keto #weightloss

Top row (left-right): August 2018 (1 year BLE!), April 2018 (2 years postpartum)

Bottom row (left-right): June 2018, March 2018, October 2017 (mid boot-camp)

Here are my 1 year stats:

  • 8/9/17: Starting weight 189lbs. Shirt size XL; pants size 16
  • 9/6/17: 5% goal 179 lbs
  • 10/7/17: 10% goal 170lbs
  • 1/1/18: 165 lbs
  • ?Early spring: 160lbs
  • 8/9/18: 1 year benchmark 158lbs
  • Clothing size: tops: medium; bottoms: 10/12

Total 1 year weight loss: 31 lbs!


Future Goals

What’s funny is that I STILL have 4 lbs until I reach the “healthy weight range” on the BMI chart for my height (5’6”). As I get closer to this healthy weight range I’ve been thinking about my final goal weight.

I’ve decided not to focus on a number but rather a feeling and a clothing size (6/8). I think I will probably get there in another 10lbs.

In order to solidify and recommit my habits, I’ll be going through my boot camp modules again starting later this month. The inner work is ongoing, and it’s a gift I can continue to give myself.


If you have more questions about the Bright Line Eating program, the boot camp, or the refer-a-friend benefit, please take a second and email me. I’d love to hear from you and help support you on this journey!