Are you looking for a place to start with ditching all the potentially hazardous products in your home in favor of all natural products?

For me, it started with eating cleaner, then eventually spilled over into multiple aspects of my life. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve significantly cleaned up the products our family uses in every day life!

And because I’m all about keeping things real and doable for the every mom, the products I recommend here are affordable, work well, and are conveniently available online (!).

Have a favorite all natural product that you don’t see here but you think deserves a spot on the list? Send me an e-mail here…I’d love to hear more about it! Note: this post contains affiliate links, meaning I may receive a small commission for referring you as a customer…but at no cost to you!

Household Cleaning

If you want to read something really scary, start reading about the ingredients in most of our common household cleaning products. Many of the ingredients are otherwise known as neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, and good bacteria destructors. Just because something is labeled as “green” does not make it so.

After trying several brands and even making my own cleaning products, here are my favorite all natural alternatives:

1. All purpose spray and surface cleaner — Branch Basics

I am obsessed with Branch Basics, for two main reasons: it works and it is a one-does-all product. The main product is an unscented, all natural cleaning concentrate. When you purchase the starter kit, it comes with several empty bottles with “recipes” on the side for the different products. Basically the strength of the concentrate to water ratio changes its purpose. For example, the bathroom recipe calls for more concentrate than the glass cleaner. This product can be used as a granite cleaner, all purpose cleaner, wood cleaner, hand soap, laundry detergent, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner. Plus it is SO safe that I don’t bat an eye when my twins lick the surface I’ve sprayed it on (it happens).

Try Branch Basics today and get $10 when you order through my refer-a-friend link!

branch basics

2. Laundry detergent — Branch Basics

Another vote for Branch Basics here. (You can get $10 off with my refer-a-friend link). This stuff is just so versatile. They have an oxygen boost stain powder as well, though I’m happy to just use a bit of Super Washing Soda when needed.

If more conventional detergent is more your thing, I highly recommend Ecos Detergent — usually cheapest through Amazon prime (linked) or Costco (not always available!).

3. Dish soap: Puracy

More than 1700 5-star reviews on Amazon can’t be wrong (I’m one of them!). This is an amazingly effective, plant-based, all natural dish soap without sulfates. It works, it’s affordable, it has a light and pleasant scent. And you can subscribe and save. Sold.

Personal care

1. Bath tissue and paper towels: Who Gives A Crap

I am absolutely obsessed with this company and their products. Who Gives a Crap sells toilet paper, paper towel, and tissue. The featured recycled products and bamboo products that are free from dyes, inks, or scents. And, the best thing…you are doing good in the world by wiping your bum. Who Gives a Crap donates 50% of their profits to building toilets in the developing world. Use my refer-a-friend link to save $10 on your first order!

Did you know that 40% of the world’s population doesn’t have access to a sanitary toilet?

You may or may not realize that the typical toilet paper that we use multiple times daily is full of harmful chemicals. Firstly, it’s made from wood, and bleached with chlorine to attain a white color. Commercial toilet paper may also contain BPA and formaldehyde. These are all known carcinogens and toxins….so it’s time to clean your bum with a cleaner bum tissue.

2. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash: Puracy

Honestly, you’d be hard pressed to find an all natural personal product that Puracy does NOT make. Plus, they are available (with prime shipping!) on Amazon. Their most popular products among Amazon customers are their shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand lotion. They have quite a few baby products as well, which are featured below.

3. Deodorant, body lotion, facial cleansing: Primally Pure

I have been on the search for the perfect all natural deodorant for years. This originally began after I developed an aluminum sensitivity. But, as it turns out, aluminum isn’t the only harmful ingredient on commercial deodorant and anti-perspirants. Primally Pure summed this up pretty nicely so if you want to know why most deodorants stink (ha!), check out their post here.

primally pure hand holding deodorantSo, more about Primally Pure. If ingredients like coconut oil, tallow from grass-fed cows, and organic beeswax are your love language, then you are going to love this company and their products. Their hero product is by far their all natural deodorant, but their body butterslip balm, body oil, and facial cleansing oil are equally amazing.

Since I have so many heart eyes for this company, I applied to be an affiliate with them. Aside from getting a small commission when you purchase from them, I’m also able to offer you a coupon code!!! Save 10% off your first order with AMANDA10 at checkout…but the code is only good until June 30!

4. Sunscreen: Beautycounter

Sunscreen. Such a conundrum. What’s more harmful? Unprotected sun exposure or commercial sunscreen products?

As with all of my recommendations, I simply want you to be educated in order to make the best choices for you and your family. Here is the info from the Environmental Working Group about the trouble with sunscreen chemicals.

The question I ask myself is, if it’s not safe for my baby, is it really safe for me? That has led me to choose mineral sunscreen as much as possible as opposed to chemical sunscreens.

If you prefer the convenience of a spray, this sunscreen from Beautycounter seems to be the best choice (warning: it’s pricy).

If you don’t mind the conventional, peasant way of applying sunscreen with your hands, Blue Lizard is my all natural mineral sunscreen of choice–and it lasts a while!

Note: baby sunscreens discussed down below!

Grocery & Kitchen

1. Grass-fed & pastured meats: ButcherBox

Since really cleaning up my family’s eating habits, one of my focuses has been on finding grass-fed, ethically sourced meat options. This is not only important for the environment, but also for gut health. Did you know that what your meat eats can dramatically change how good or bad it is for your health? Read more about the science behind it here.

ButcherBox is an amazing subscription box service (customizable) that delivers grass-fed and pastured meats directly to your door. You don’t have to worry about the sourcing, since they have high quality and safety standards. You can get a monthly box or every other month box. It arrives frozen and packed with dry ice and is conveniently portioned. And it’s DELICIOUS! Seriously some of the best steak I’ve made.

The best news? Sign up for your first box and get free bacon for life! That means that you will get a package of their amazing sugar/nitrate free bacon in your box forever and ever. You’re welcome!!

2. Food storage containers: Glasslock

Using glass food storage containers is an excellent way to get rid of regular plastic exposure. There are many different brands of glassware (I personally got mine — snapware– at Costco), but these are very highly rated on Amazon and affordable!

3. Cookware: Ozeri Pans

A great way to clean up your cookware is by avoiding certain non-stick materials that have been known to be harmful. A great option for frying pans are these eco friendly non-stick pans from Ozeri. Other great options are copper pans (my favorite brand here) and cast iron (my favorite here).


1. Skin Care: Primally Pure

You’ve heard by now how much I love Primally Pure. They have an amazing line of baby products including a baby cleansing bar, baby balm, and baby oil.

Another option I love is the set of shampoo, conditioner, and wash from Beautycounter

For my Amazon prime lovers, check out Puracy’s one-step Baby Wash & Shampoo

2. Sunscreen: Blue Lizard

My favorite baby-safe mineral sunscreen is Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen. It goes smoothly and isn’t too sticky.

ThinkBaby is another popular brand that I haven’t tried yet but plan to soon!

3. Diapers: Andy Pandy and Honest Company Overnights

The Honest Company


If you are looking for an eco-friendly sensitive diaper for your babe, check out Andy Pandy diapers on Amazon. They are about 40-50 cents per diaper and have thousands of rave reviews.

I’m personally a huge fan of the Honest Company diapers, especially their overnights. My girls have been long sleepers for a while, and after trying every brand of overnight diaper, this is the only brand that keeps them dry for 13 hours!

4. Wipes: Amazon Elements Sensitive

These are my favorite wipes, for sure. They are inexpensive and I have them on subscribe and save. One box lasts me one month with the twins!

Beauty & Makeup

I’ll be honest — I don’t wear a ton of makeup. However, when I do, I try my best to choose the most natural options possible. Be careful of “greenwashing” when it comes to beauty brands. Many will advertise using terms like organic, natural, clean, non-toxic, but it may not always mean what you want. Here are some brands that reliably put forth excellent beauty products that are free of preservatives and known harmful ingredients and fragrance.


This is a direct sales company (I have no affiliation) that has a great philosophy and amazing products.

100% Pure:

This brand takes all natural beauty to a whole new level — they are known for pigmenting their makeup with fruit dyes! They defined their natural ingredients as those that exist from a natural source AND undergo a chemical change through a naturally occurring biological process (fermentation, distillation, or cold processing). Wow.

Juice Beauty:

Another great option in the natural beauty space.

There you have it! Here’s my pretty exhaustive list of all natural and non-toxic alternatives to your most common household items. Did I forget anything? Anything else that deserves a spot on this list? Let me know in the comments below!!

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