how to shop with twins like a boss

(Plus a master list of stores with double shopping carts!)

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I am blessed beyond measure to be a mama to my two terrific twin girls! I will say, however, that having two little ones (at the same time) has made me acutely aware of things that are, let’s say, more challenging compared to my singleton or one-at-a-time mom counterparts.

One of the biggest challenges I have is…shopping! Now, I’m talking shopping of all kinds. Grocery shopping, Target shopping, window shopping, clothing shopping. These trips take a considerable amount of effort and were nearly impossible before my girls were able to sit up on their own.

The saving grace to me as a twin mom (and probably to all moms of young kids close in age!) is the double shopping cart. Let me just bow down to this thing right now. And why don’t all stores have them? Do you want me to shop at your store? I’ve got two babies to shop for, and I’m spending close to double on everything. Trust me, you want me in your store.

I set out to do some research, and that research has resulted in what you will find below. Read on, and you will find pretty much every store that has a double shopping cart (as well as the best alternatives if your favorite store doesn’t)! Oh, and because I’m not naive and I realize that all countries have this issue, you’ll find lists for the UK and Canada, as well!

USA Stores with double shopping carts

(click links for store locations)


Target: Oh Target, how I love thee. Your red and white bullseye puts me in a delightful shopping trance. Seriously though, if you don’t live near a Target store, I am so sorry. They’ve got this delightful double cart that is attached to a full-sized cart. You can fit two kiddos in the 5-point straps and an additional kiddo in the regular seat on the cart itself. It can be a bit awkward to maneuver due to the size, but I guess that just means you will have to take your time and go slow down each aisle. How sad. 

Here we are at Target before I discovered the double cart awesomeness. One baby in the carrier, one in the cart.

They are about 9 months old here. It was doable but difficult to bend and pick things up

Hello glorious shopping contraption!

Walmart : I’ve heard that there may be some Walmarts who do not have double carts, but all mine do–hooray! Their carts are pretty much the same as Target’s, except blue! Same goes for the full-sized attached cart, which means you can constrain up to three young kiddos! I will also mention that Walmart doesn’t put me in the same shopping trance as Target does, so I’ve been known to buy my groceries online and use their free grocery pick-up and not even leave my car (like a boss).











Despite their grouch faces, I swear they enjoyed this outing!

17 months old here during a Walmart shopping trip.

Costco, BJs, Sam’s Club: These membership wholesale clubs have double-wide carts as their default cart. Makes sense, right, since the whole premise is buying in bulk? Listen, if you can resist impulse purchases (I had to cancel my membership once after buying a box of 20 individual packages of seaweed snacks), a wholesale membership can really pay off in the long run. We are a solid Costco family–I love their Kirkland brand of just about everything, and they’ve got a great selection of organic products. Not to mention they greet me in the morning with a muffin and cup of coffee and if I go during lunch time there are enough samples to count as lunch. Yes!

“Yes, we would LOVE samples of your everything ever!”


Aldi (some): Aldi appears to be in most areas of the county, which is why I’ve included it in the nationwide section. I love Aldi. It’s an international store with a very clever business model (think, bring your own bags, basic shelf stocking, return your own cart) that results in them keeping a low overhead and passing along the savings to the customer. It’s quality grocery items at discount prices. Jump on the bandwagon, you’ll be glad. Anyway, it’s been rumored that the newly renovated Aldi stores have all double-wide shopping carts, but I have yet to see them. Mine is currently being renovated, so I’ll hopefully have an update later in the fall!

Lowe’s (some): unfortunately mine in upstate NY did not have them, but I’ve heard they are common.

Home Depot: Happy to report that most Home Depot stores in the US and Canada have race cart style double carts.

Here is one of my favorite twin families who blogs at The Unfit Parent. Their sweet twin boys are clearly enjoying a fun tour of home improvement heaven. If you don’t already follow them, go show this awesome family some love over on Instagram.  They are super real and share both mom and dad’s perspectives. And they’re Canadian, which makes them way cool by default.

Click Here to jump to the bottom for a list of regional stores featuring double carts!

The double cart alternatives

I certainly don’t find double carts necessary to shop with two young kiddos, but they sure are helpful.

But, you’ve got to have a reasonable solution to shop at stores that don’t have them!

Alternative #1: The Buggy Bench

So, the Buggy Bench is an amazing contraption that turns any single shopping cart into a double! Simply attach the straps to the sides of the main shopping compartment and you’ve got a perfect “jump seat” for one of your babes. This mom hack is machine washable and holds up to 40 lbs. The company recommends it for children 8 months (solid sitters) to 4 years old. Find it on Amazon here for $40!



If you don’t follow my sweet friend Caitlin over at Rogers Party of 5, you must check out her blog (and her adorable Instagram feed)! She has a 3-year-old boy and 18-month-old twin girls and is basically super mom. Here she is shopping with her crew like a boss–one in the cart seat, one in the buggy bench, and another worn on her front.






Another awesome mom hack that Caitlin is using is the Cart Mama, which is a beautiful fabric shopping bag that easily hooks onto the side of your shopping cart. This is perfect for when you’re using the buggy bench, or for parents who need to put a baby’s bucket car seat in the cart. The Cart Mamas are beautifully crafted, machine washable, and a perfect (and practical!) gift for a special mama in your life.




Alternative #2: Babywearing

I have been a big fan of babywearing from the start and find it a beautiful and safe way to bond with your baby while also being productive. I could write post after post about the different kinds of baby carriers, but I’ll stay on track. If you’re shopping by yourself with two young ones, I recommend wearing one and putting the other in a shopping cart. If you are super brave you can wear both together, but I recommend having someone around to help!

My favorite single buckle carriers are Tula carriers, LILLEbaby, and Ergo. They all are suitable for front and back carrying, but the Tula is the only one of these three that baby CAN’T face forward on front I recommend doing your research and choosing an ergonomic carrier for the safety and comfort of your babe.

If you’ve got at least one baby who can sit and you want to rock the tandem carrier (one on front, and one on back), I highly recommend the TwinGo! Click here to see us in action!!

Alternative #3: Your Own Stroller

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple and just shopping with your kids in your double stroller. This will likely be necessary before they are big enough to sit in a shopping cart.

In this case, use the space beneath your stroller and consider shopping in reusable bags or the Cart Mama.

While my girls were still in their bucket seats I would just snap them into my Joovy Twin Roo+, but only for quick shopping trips. There was this one time that I kind of lost my babies under a pile of lettuce, so I really tried to avoid it…

But when I do go out, this umbrella stroller is my favorite for quick trips!

In our beloved Kinderwagon during that time we flew on a plane with two 1 year olds…

Or, better yet…leave the kids at home and enjoy some alone time if you can!

One of my favorite solo me-time escapes…Target & Starbucks. (P.S. gift cards to both these places was the best new mom gift, ever!!)


If you are in the season of life with small kiddos, I hope you feel encouraged and confident to venture out of the house. It can be so daunting, but the more you do it, the easier it will be! 

If there are more stores that I forgot, please let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to scroll through the regional US and international stores below!


Regional Stores With Double Carts

Here is a pretty exhaustive list of regional stores and grocers that feature double carts! They are sorted by region; click the links for a store locator!










H-E-B Plus (Texas)


Smith’s Marketplace

Food 4 Less (Southern California)

International Stores With Double Shopping Carts



-Home Depot

-Save on

-No frills




United Kingdom








-Marks and Spencers

Did you skip to the bottom? Don’t forget to check out the 3 brilliant alternatives to double shopping carts!

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7 thoughts on “How to Shop With Twins Like a Boss

  1. How I wish all department stores and groceries have these. Here in Saudi Arabia, I saw in malls, a double car, but that’s for shopping. I’d love one for grocery.

    Posted on September 27, 2017 at 6:23 am
  2. Thanks for posting this! What age did you start putting the girls in the Target double cart? I’ve been using the Buggy Bench there and I would love to love to that cart! My twins are 11 months old.

    I will add since it can be different everywhere that I’ve never seen a double cart at my Meijer – boo!

    Posted on October 24, 2017 at 9:15 am
    1. Hi Cristina! I think we started using the target double cart around 10-12 months old. I definitely recommend waiting until they are very reliable sitters. I will say that the straps don’t tighten quite as much as I would like them to. ! I think you should give it a try now to see how the fit is! Until then, buggy bench all the way!! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

      Posted on October 24, 2017 at 2:42 pm
  3. My kids are all older now, but when they were little (they’re 22 and 20 months apart), nothing would piss me off more than going into a store with an infant, 2-year old and 4-year old, and finding no multi-child carts available, only to find them ALL in use by parents with just ONE KID. I would end up having to bring in my double stroller and push a cart with one kiddo while pulling the double stroller along. Kids love the multi-child carts because sometimes they look like race cars or space ships. They’re for MULTIPLE kiddos. If you only have one kiddo– use a one kiddo cart. Your child will NOT die an early death by being deprived of the experience.

    Posted on December 31, 2017 at 5:36 pm
    1. that’s happened to me too, so frustrating! it’s usually on weekends when stores are busy, so i’ve learned to go during “off-peak times!”

      Posted on January 4, 2018 at 4:49 am
  4. Just an FYI that in the UK, most Waitrose grocery stores also have double carts, but usually only two or three per store. They are usually distinguishable in the line of carts by a different color on the side of the handle or have the handle wrapped in a special tape or something. Some stores are great about keeping them separate and some aren’t.

    Posted on January 21, 2018 at 4:56 pm
    1. Great to know! Thanks, Whitney!!

      Posted on January 22, 2018 at 7:45 am