The Best Margarita Recipe That Will Have You Dreaming of Mexico

It might be May here in Western New York, but lately, it has felt much more like October.

I don’t know about you, but my happy place has always been someplace warm, by the ocean, with a cold drink in my hand. I went to this mental happy place quite often during the first trimester of my pregnancy, and again during labor.

When I was 5 years old, my first plane ride was to Manzanillo, Mexico. Manzanillo is a beautiful Pacific coast resort and port town in Mexico. My grandparents owned a condo there and would travel for three months every winter in their early retirement. I was fortunate to visit them twice with my parents, and my vacations there are some of my earliest formed memories.

How do we know if our early memories are real memories, or just bookmarks of stories we were told, or photos we’ve seen? I think about that often, but I don’t have the answer. What I know is real, however, is that when I catch a scent that causes me to stop and close my eyes and review the index of memories stored in the depth of my brain. I often catch scents that bring me back to Mexico.

My visual memories from my trips to Mexico include swimming in a lima bean shaped pool and seeing salamanders on the ceiling of the condo (or Sal-Amandas as I referred to them). My most vivid memory, however, is the scent of fresh lime and roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds) wafting from the veranda of the condo.

I later learned that the smell of lime was from my Poppy’s margarita recipe. He would batch prepare this simple recipe, and the adults would enjoy their crisp beverage and pumpkin seeds after a long day in the sunshine. Even after my grandparents sold the Mexico condo, and even still after my grandfather passed, his margarita recipe lives on!

Recipe Details

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The second best part about this recipe (other than its deliciousness) is that it’s so easy to remember. I don’t even need to include a recipe, but I will anyway! Four ingredients: tequila, triple sec, FRESH lime juice, and your favorite lemon-lime soda (Sprite, 7UP, or other). Combine 1 cup of each ingredient and mix in a pitcher. Serve on the rocks in your favorite fun margarita glasses!

If you like a salted rim (I do!), just take a leftover lime wedge and rim the glasses. Then, turn the glasses over and dip in salt. You can keep it simple with kosher salt or choose a fun salt. You will get 6-8 servings from this recipe. It is super easy to halve or double since you’re dealing with all equal parts. In honor of my Poppy, I like to enjoy these with a handful of roasted, salted pepitas.

I hope you love these margaritas as much as I do, and don’t forget to pin this post for later!