Tomorrow, we may fail you

Vignettes of pre-existing conditions

I’m usually one who plays my social and political cards close to the chest. At least when it comes to strangers or my more public persona.

It’s not that I’m non-confrontational, but I’m a fan of intelligent, well-informed dialogue. Plus, I’m an INFJ, which means it takes me a long period of observation and internal thought to formulate my opinions on things and then contribute to the discussion.

That being said, those who are closer to me know that I have very strong social beliefs when it comes to women, reproductive health, and marginalized populations. I believe, as taught to me at Yale, that healthcare is a human right. And while I could go into reasons, statistics, outcomes, etc., that’s where the conversation ends for me. There’s a period at the end of that sentence.

Today, has published my latest piece, which is a series of vignettes about patients with pre-existing conditions as defined by the new AHCA. Read more here, and feel free to let me know your thoughts…